Fun Party Food Tables

Let’s face it, when people go to a party or wedding, the first thing they ask is, “What’s for dinner?”  If you’re looking for something at your next event that will leave an impression, throw out the hamburgers and hot dogs and try something different!  These ideas will be a hit with all ages. Below are a few (well more than a few since there are so many good ones:)) of my favorites I found.  For more ideas, check out my pinterest board.

Biscuit Bar, Party Food

Biscuit Bar

Cereal Bar, Party Food

Cereal Bar

Cheese Bar, Party Food

Cheese Bar

Pasta Bar, Party Food

Pasta Bar

French Fry Bar, Party Food

French Fry Bar

Spud Bar, Party Food

Spud Bar, try a mashed potato bar also!

Burrito Bar, Party Food

Burrito Bar. Or try a taco, quesadilla or nacho bar!

S'more Bar, Party Food

S'more Bar. This is awesome.

Grilled Cheese Bar, Party Food

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Bar

Fondue Bar, Party Food

Fondue Bar...I had this at my bridal shower and it was delicious!

Other ideas include a pizza bar, a mini hot dog bar, a sushi bar, a popcorn bar and a doughnut hole bar.  Hungry yet?

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