Sweet Love for Edible Decor

So, candy tables have been popular for a few years now, and there is no short supply of inspirational ideas.  Cookies, cakes and cupcakes all work too.  My favorites are the ones that stick to a color scheme and don’t go overkill with too much stuff.  These are great for any kind of party from birthdays to bridal showers.

Here’s a few things to think about when doing your own table:

Pick a color scheme: Stick to the theme of your party or wedding.  Bringing in other colors will only make the table look too busy.
Use more than just jars: Any kind of vase or apothecary jar will work.  Make sure you create depth and height in your display, so every piece can be seen.  Stick a box or book under the tablecloth so that some jars are taller than others.  You can use cake stands or plant stands to add lift.
Tie in decor: Use some of the centerpieces or decor from other parts of your event to help decorate the table and tie everything together.
Don’t forget the scoops: Make sure your guests aren’t digging things out with their hands!  Tongs and scoops are perfect for picking out their candy.
Bags and containers:  Make sure your guests can take some home.  Little boxes or baggies are perfect for the road.

Here are some beautiful examples:

And here’s my own…And here’s my cousin Tatum’s ice cream stand.  This was awesome and they built the stand themselves!
I found too many!  See more on my pinboard Candy and Other Sweets…YUM!


How great is Pinterest?!

Pinterest is one of those online tools that you can’t help but wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that!”  A place to organize all of the amazing ideas and photos you find online is revolutionary when it comes to planning a wedding, decorating your house, or finding a new hobby.  And it’s free!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  You can create an individual account, and when you find a picture you want to save, you can “pin it” to your boards.

Let’s say you’re looking for inspiration for your daughter’s birthday party.  You decide you want to have a tea party theme, and start searching online for ideas.  Any picture you come across that you think would be great for the party, you can “pin” the image to your tea party board.  Pretty soon, you have an entire collection of ideas for the best birthday party ever!

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you can follow other people’s boards.  Everyone has public profiles, so you can see what other people are interested in.  If you find another person’s board that you think is great, you can “follow” that board.  You can also “repin” any image to your own board.

If you want to follow my boards, the web address is http://pinterest.com/cjjessup/

Start Pinning!