Bibs & Bottles, Diapers & Bows…Baby Boy or Baby Girl, Nobody Knows

When you own a party rental company, it’s not very often that you get to plan your own party.  That’s why it was so much fun to host this baby shower for my sister-in-law, Andrea.  The location was House of Tricks in Tempe, AZ, and it was the perfect place to have an outdoor, intimate gathering.

At the time, we didn’t know whether she was going to have a boy or a girl, so we tried to keep it gender neutral. We used lots of bright colors, glass baby bottles, pacifiers, and ribbons!

The first thing guests saw when they walked in was this cocktail table that had a super cute stand (made from a bed post) where we hung a dress for a girl and overalls for a boy.  Everyone had to fill out a card guessing whether the mommy-to-be would have a boy or a girl and give name suggestions.

The focal point of the shower (and my favorite part) was this bookshelf that held baby trinkets, a giant teddy bear, and cake pops.  This was our take on the now traditional dessert table.  We bought the bookshelf/desk at Ikea for cheap and then spray painted it this green shower-party rentals


For the tables, we used ribbon overlays that we made in different shades of blue, pink and green.  This took a lot of practice getting them just right, but it was worth it! Centerpieces were simple fresh flowers in bright pink.  I loved the small pink roses and baby’s breath in the glass baby bottles.
We also had an area set up for opening gifts.  We took our outdoor patio couch and draped it with a blanket to match our colors and put another blanket on the ground for guests to put their presents.  Everyone pulled their chairs up to watch the mommy-to-be be the center of attention while opening all her fun stuff!

I love hanging decor, so the glass baby bottles were one of my favorite parts of the shower. We did every other ribbon with a hanging pacifier.

Thank you to my awesome friend, Jennifer Bluth, for taking pictures of this special day!  And to Stacey, Rosie, Maria and Mom for all their innate talent, hard work, and great ideas:)

House of Tricks
Bobbie’s Flowers
Mind Over Batter
Also, in case you’re wondering….It’s a girl!  Blayke Catharine Coxon.  We love her so much!

Say Congrats to Your Grad with Fun Themed Party Decor!

PartyIt’s that time of year again when the kids grow up and reach that big milestone called graduation!  Whether the next step is college or real life, celebrate this special moment with something as bright as they are.  Here are some of our favorite decor ideas from around the web…

Theme:  Obviously your central idea is graduation, but try coming up with something a little more original.  We love this “Key’s to Success” theme from the Celebrations at Home blog. The guests could write notes to the graduate on little key tags.  Click on the link for more great ideas for this theme.

Party TableAnother great theme idea from Piggy Bank Parties, “Picture Your Future,” showcases great DIY party garland with polaroids and pom poms.

Party TableColors: Most people choose to use the color of the graduate’s school as the palette for their parties, but you don’t always have to go that route.  Try just using one of the colors and mixing it with a more neutral shade so it really stands out.  This great neon palette from Martha Stewart will brighten up any party.

Party TableCenterpieces: Ditch the traditional cap and diploma centerpieces and try this elegant book idea.  Your grad should have a bunch of books lying around the house after all those years of hard work!

Party CenterpieceFood: Since guests may have multiple graduates to congratulate on the big day, open houses generally work best.  So, try to keep your menus simple with recipes that will be best at room temperature.  Having a treat or dessert table is a great way to incorporate your theme.

Party Table(Invitation at top can be purchased on Etsy at the syledbykristen shop.)

More great ideas on Cortney’s Pinboard Graduation Party.

Sweet Love for Edible Decor

So, candy tables have been popular for a few years now, and there is no short supply of inspirational ideas.  Cookies, cakes and cupcakes all work too.  My favorites are the ones that stick to a color scheme and don’t go overkill with too much stuff.  These are great for any kind of party from birthdays to bridal showers.

Here’s a few things to think about when doing your own table:

Pick a color scheme: Stick to the theme of your party or wedding.  Bringing in other colors will only make the table look too busy.
Use more than just jars: Any kind of vase or apothecary jar will work.  Make sure you create depth and height in your display, so every piece can be seen.  Stick a box or book under the tablecloth so that some jars are taller than others.  You can use cake stands or plant stands to add lift.
Tie in decor: Use some of the centerpieces or decor from other parts of your event to help decorate the table and tie everything together.
Don’t forget the scoops: Make sure your guests aren’t digging things out with their hands!  Tongs and scoops are perfect for picking out their candy.
Bags and containers:  Make sure your guests can take some home.  Little boxes or baggies are perfect for the road.

Here are some beautiful examples:

And here’s my own…And here’s my cousin Tatum’s ice cream stand.  This was awesome and they built the stand themselves!
I found too many!  See more on my pinboard Candy and Other Sweets…YUM!