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Birthday party

The absolute best thing about owning a party rental company is having everything you need to throw your own awesome parties!  We went all out for these two’s first birthday this year.  Surviving a year of twins is something to celebrate!

Check out the fun!

The front entrance:

birthday party rentals

Git your gear! All the kiddos received a hat, bandanna, and pony for the party.
birthday party rentalsMy mother-in-law is an incredible artist, so I put her on the spot for a cool western town.  This was the best part of the party! So cute and the kids had so much fun playing in them.

birthday party rentalsbirthday party rentalsbirthday party rentalsbirthday party rentalsThe games were so much fun.  We did hog wrestling, where we blew up a ton of pink balloons, and the kids had to sit on them to pop them.  Whoever popped the most won.  This was hilarious to watch! We also had a roping ring.  My dad made these cute stick horses from wood and we used hula hoops for the ropes.

birthday party rentalsparty rentalsHere are some other details…party rentalsparty rentalsparty rentalsparty rentalsWe love our little munchkins sooo much, and can’t believe they are 1:)

How great is Pinterest?!

Pinterest is one of those online tools that you can’t help but wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that!”  A place to organize all of the amazing ideas and photos you find online is revolutionary when it comes to planning a wedding, decorating your house, or finding a new hobby.  And it’s free!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  You can create an individual account, and when you find a picture you want to save, you can “pin it” to your boards.

Let’s say you’re looking for inspiration for your daughter’s birthday party.  You decide you want to have a tea party theme, and start searching online for ideas.  Any picture you come across that you think would be great for the party, you can “pin” the image to your tea party board.  Pretty soon, you have an entire collection of ideas for the best birthday party ever!

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you can follow other people’s boards.  Everyone has public profiles, so you can see what other people are interested in.  If you find another person’s board that you think is great, you can “follow” that board.  You can also “repin” any image to your own board.

If you want to follow my boards, the web address is http://pinterest.com/cjjessup/

Start Pinning!